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A searchable database of all active (and completed) National Offshore Wind Research & Development projects.

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Transmission and Export Cable Fault Detection and Prevention Using Synthetic Aperture SonarThayerMahanElectrical Power Systems
DC Collection and Transmission for Offshore Wind FarmsGE ResearchElectrical Power Systems
An Offshore Wind Energy Development Strategy to Maximize Electrical System Benefits in Southern Oregon and Northern CaliforniaPacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)Electrical Power Systems
Shared Landfall and Onshore Cable Infrastructure for Cable Colocation Feasibility StudyOffshore Wind Consultants (OWC)Electrical Power Systems
Development of Advanced Methods for Evaluating Grid Stability ImpactsNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)Electrical Power Systems
Transmission Expansion Planning Models for Offshore Wind EnergyTufts UniversityElectrical Power Systems
Atlantic seaboard offshore stability risk evaluation & serviceClarkson UniversityElectrical Power Systems
Robust Stabilization of Subsea Power Cables using Nonlinear Energy SinksUniversity of MichiganElectrical Power Systems
AIRU-WRF: AI-powered Physics-based Tool for OSW Forecasting and Grid IntegrationRutgers UniversityElectrical Power Systems
Oceanographic HF Radar Data Preservation in Wind Turbine Interference MitigationCODAR Ocean SensorsEnvironment and Conflicting Use
Technology Development Priorities for Scientifically Robust and Operationally Compatible Wildlife Monitoring and Adaptive ManagementWorley Consulting (formerly Advisian)Environment and Conflicting Use
Right Wind: Resolving Protected Species Space-Use Conflicts in Wind Energy AreasCornell UniversityEnvironment and Conflicting Use